the vow


Jesus loves me more than I can imagine. As I grow in revelation of His love for me, my passion for Him grows. He’s my Savior, my friend, my healer, and my King.

I AIM to personally read God’s word and worship Him daily.


Jesus shows us how to pray and tells us to persistently make requests to our Heavenly Father like a child who refuses to quit asking. My Father hears every prayer I pray, and every prayer matters to Him.

I AIM to engage in prayer daily and to start or join a weekly prayer meeting and cry out to God on behalf of others.


Jesus tells us that the pure in heart will see God. I choose daily to make choices to set myself apart from the things that distract me from God’s love and power in my life.

I AIM to live a life of purity by being purposeful in what I do and say. I also AIM to fast from something one day per week as one expression of my wholehearted love for Jesus above the things of the world. This gives me increased time to pray and focus on God.


Jesus was clear on His mission to spread the Gospel, and He has called us to do the same. Every decision made to follow Jesus results in all of heaven rejoicing. The exciting part is that I have a role to play in His mission in my own area as well as around the world.

I AIM to commit my time, energy, and resources to engage others through prayer, looking for ways to physically care for them and sharing the Gospel with them through spiritual conversations.

I vow to do my best – living a life that honors Christ and His desire for my life.

I aim to seek God daily through passion, prayer, purity, and purpose.

I understand that I am joining many others pursuing the same vow:

that God would move in us and through us across the US and world.